Helen Hardin Moore #767263

2305 Ransom Road.

Mountain View Unit,


Texas. 76528



A brief introduction

– Helen Hardin Moore was accused of murdering her live in boyfriend Casey Roy Elliott by administering a lethal quantity of morphine by a manner & the exact means unknown to the Grand Jury. They also say that she did cause the death of Casey Roy Elliott for remuneration & the promise of remuneration, namely money from the proceeds of insurance insuring the life of the said Casey Roy Elliot, against the peace & dignity of the State.




My name is Helen Hardin Moore & as you can see by the above address I am currently incarcerated in Mt. View women’s prison. I am 60 years old, born November 15th. 1954 in Graham General Hospital Young County.

I resided in Young County for the first 42 years of my life.

My Dad, Gene Hardin died in 1994, my mother Mrs. Pauline Hardin is a 90 year old cancer survivor.

My Mum & Dad raised me in a God fearing God loving home, we were a hard working family. I always had a love for children & animals from a young age, I always loved nature.

I am a Christian & also a Native American on my father’s side, we have a love for Mother Earth.

I was an Office Manager & an assistant to an Optometrist Also an assistant to an Orthodontist for 9 years. Then later I worked for Burkett Industries as a Secretary / Office Manager. Following that I worked as a Professional Landscaper for 11 years.

I have 3 children, 2 boys & a girl.

My late husband Terry Moore died on 15th. November 1990 from a malignant melanoma, he was a good Christian man & a good father to our children. Our one son was 4 & the other 2 when Terry was taken from us.

At least they did have privilege to know briefly what a good man their father was.

We were members of the Church & we were youth leaders, Terry & I always attended the sports & School events that our children were in.

The only time that he missed events was when he was ill in hospital.

Terry died in our home at 1312 Cliff Drive, Graham, Texas. His Dad Alvis Moore & I took turns to hold him when he passes on.

On that night there was liquid Morphine in the house but our Doctor removed it that night….You will see the relevance of this later.

After Terry died we continued to attend church as a family, however no one knows how to behave to a widow with 4 children. It became an environment where I & my children felt unwanted & very uncomfortable so in consequence we stopped going.

My family Doctor prescribed Prozac for me as an anti- depressant after Terry’s death.

My downfall was when I started dating a guy & Casey Elliott started hanging around my property with a few other people such as Tommy Bint & friends of my daughter Amy.

Casey & Tommy would take my boys to cattle auction sales where both Casey & Tommy were cattle buyers working for Lynn Bint who owned Graham Livestock Cattle Auction.

Tommy & Casey lived on a ranch together until their water well had a problem. Tommy went to stay with his Mother & Father & Casey ended up at my house, he just seemed to move in. He gradually worked his way into my life through my boys. Casey didn’t have a good relationship with his Father or his Mother, Judy Rush. In fact for the first 15 years of his life he didn’t know who his father was, he went by the name of Casey Snow.

I used to buy presents so that he could give them to his parents on special occasions.

The year before Casey came into my home he spent most of his time on his own as he rarely dated & didn’t visit his parents that year. He also used to take his holidays alone.

Casey worked for Lynn Bint & went to a livestock auction to buy cattle with her cheque, then he stole the cattle & brought them across the Texas, Oklahoma border. Lynn Bint & Casey Elliott had these cattle in different rancher’s pastures where many died. Both Lynn Bint & Casey Elliott went to trial for cattle theft in Graham, Texas. The only way that they escaped receiving a sentence was Denny McCoy accepted partial payment for the stolen cattle. After this Casey Elliott couldn’t buy cattle for 5 years. Casey Elliott drove a cattle truck for Brewer Trucking, Casey didn’t get into trouble for running drugs but his running buddy did in another truck which they were running through Mississippi, the truck was confiscated. I believe when Casey was in New Mexico he took various drugs to ease a back problem. After this Casey Elliott did start abusing me & making threats, he said that if I told anyone he would kill me or one of my children. Casey Elliott made me go to an attorney with him where we both had our Wills drawn up, however I didn’t ever sign mine.

If I had signed it I am sure that he would have taken my life.

It was Casey’s idea that we should both purchase life insurance which we did. Again this was CASEY ELLIOTT’S IDEA, we both signed our policies.

We did team rope, Michael rode in high school rodeos, Dickie showed stock, Amy showed show steers, and I trained horses. Chad played soccer & baseball as did Michael. Dickie & Amy were immersed in sports at school.

Casey abused me both mentally & physically. He used to beat me & in 1995 he beat me because I was sick on Christmas Eve & couldn’t go to his Mothers at Christmas. I had told Judy that we would go to her small Christmas present party, this made Casey mad.

I couldn’t go to my Mothers or Cariel’s Christmas dinner because I was so beaten up. I was so hurt that I had trouble standing, I had problems with my ribs, neck & back.

I asked Casey to leave on many occasions, he would just laugh & refuse. You have to remember he was a big 300 LBS well built man.

I met Scott Cody to try & help Casey sell his cattle trailer because he had not been working very much & needed the money to pay off part of a bank loan.

In January 1996 I was working in our livestock barn, we had show goats that were kidding, we also had various other animals, sheep, calves & horses. When my son Chad & I had finished work we walked back into my home only to find Dickie making Michael have oral sex with him!

I was totally shocked & wanted to know what the hell was going on. Michael was crying & Dickie said that Casey made me do this to him but you didn’t stop him. I had absolutely no idea this was going on in my own home.

When Casey Elliott came home I confronted him, all I got was him laughing in my face & a beating.

I told him that is it, enough is enough get out & don’t come back!

Casey was very good at hiding my beatings from the children, they didn’t see him beat me only hit me once in a while.

I had a cracked rib the next morning when I left to take the boys to school & I told Casey to make sure that he was gone by the time I got home. I had some things to do while I was out & I was not in a hurry to return home. I bought some groceries & a new tyre for the horse trailer, I also ran a few errands.

When I did return home Casey was gone & a week later when I was questioned where he was I wondered where he had gone, I asked my son Dickie & his best friend if the knew where he was & they said they didn’t know.

After being questioned by the Sheriff my home was searched, nothing & no one was found.

Later I did hire a lawyer David Knight of Wichita Falls as a torso had been found & my then son- in law who was a police officer in Breckenridge, Texas told me to hire an attorney straight away.

In March I was arrested at my home for murder!

By this time Casey’s family had all decided that I had done this for the insurance money!

The fact is I didn’t do this crime & I was totally innocent whatever people may think.

I do now know who committed the crime & I now know why I & my family including my elderly mother & children were threatened. In fact the person who committed the crime told me that he would do the same to one of my young children if I spoke out.

After three Grand Jury sessions which I requested to attend & my requests were turned down, I was sentenced to Homicide - Murder!

My attorney David Knight forced me to sign the plea bargain by threatening me with the death sentence if I refused.

I now know that this crime was not one that would have received the death penalty had I not signed the plea bargain.

I later found out that the news station in Graham had given out that there would be no trial as I had already signed the plea bargain. This is before I even saw or heard of the plea bargain!

Just to recap, after being arrested I did have terrible headaches & I was so sick, the doctor at the county jail put me on Prozac which I had taken on & off for some years.

A jailer mixed up my medication with that of another prisoner (Conveniently?) it nearly killed her & I was deathly sick from an over dose. I vomited for days & she had to have a pace maker fitted because of this!

So no I would not have plea bargained if I hadn’t been so ill & I hadn’t been threatened all the time by one of the people who committed the murder plus by this time Casey’s family were threatening me.

After being sentenced I was made a trustee where I worked in the office of the Captain & the Lt. of the Palo Pinto jail! I even cleaned the sheriff’s office!

If I had wanted Casey dead I would have shot him as I was a good shot but this didn’t enter my head, you just don’t do things like that, going around killing folks is wrong whatever they have or haven’t done.

Of course a small town in Texas with small minded people doesn’t want to hear about mental & sexual abuse of a woman & her children by a big 300 LBS bully boy. OH! No! Good Ole Boys Don’t Do That!

The fact is as you can see Casey Elliott was not a Good Ole Boy!

After the plea bargain I did lie about places where the body parts might be & I said things to protect my family.

However I couldn’t have had pills in my house left over from my late husband’s illness because the house burned after an electrical fire & any pills were kept high up in the bathroom & would have been destroyed. (If there had have been any).

When I was in jail a hearing would be scheduled then postponed, then the next day a body part would turn up in an area already searched & although it was hot the body parts would not be fully decomposed!

Now I ask you, “Why did Tommy Bint get away with cutting locks on property belonging to my elderly Mother to steal horses that belonged to me & my children?”

I have served time in prison since March 1996 some 19 years!

Please help me prove my innocence & allow me to have a life.

Prison is being in limbo trying to survive one day after the next as best we can T.D.C.J has used up all its government funding & one of the latest propositions is to charge us $100 to raise money for our medical treatment!

We do not get paid for any work that we do so this will be another burden for our family & friends.

Please look at my indictment paperwork & the investigators evidence that has been tampered with.

I have suffered enough for something that I didn’t do to protect my family. I know who committed the crime & so do they it is time to put a wrong right. I think that I have suffered enough to protect my family.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story & any help that you can give will be appreciated.

Helen Hardin Moore


Just a few lines about Helen Hardin Moore & her case

I have known Helen for some 19 years & I have always found her honest & in every way a real lady. She told me part of this story right at the start of our friendship but she wasn’t ready to talk let alone let anyone get close to her.

Over the years we have become very good friends & Helen has never changed her story by one word. She has filled in some blanks for me & now she is ready to talk freely, she needs an attorney who believes in her.

Her case will be very high profile & will attract a lot of media attention.

Whoever take’s her case on will make a fantastic name for themselves & will gain a lot of free publicity & media coverage.

There will also be other financial rewards for the right attorney but that is up to you whoever you are to discuss with Helen.

I have no reason to doubt Helen in any way, I would add that I am from the UK, aged 70 & definitely not a prison groupie!

In fact at one stage in my life I worked for our law enforcement, if you care to research Helen’s case as I have you will find that you can drive a truck through the holes in the evidence. For instance two boys were heard & reported to have said that they had got away with murder. The paperwork & statements from the school teacher who it was reported to are all there, why were they not interviewed & given a polygraph test?

Why was in their words “a rooky” forensics guy used, why was it not noticed or remarked upon the lack of decomposition of the body parts?

Finally please remember that Helen has served 19 years for someone else’s crime. A terrible crime that she didn’t commit, she has to not only serve her 30 year sentence but every day that goes by the killers are walking free among you & she knows that they are laughing at her.


These are my words not Helen’s – Please someone help me help her.

Either write to her at…

Helen Hardin Moore # 767263

2305 Ransom Road

Mountain View Unit, Gatesville, Texas 76528. USA.


Or for further information or even if you would like an email forwarded please email me at… j.chubb@sky.com





If you write to or email Helen at jpay please include your snail mail address as she does not have access to out going email or addresses on incoming email which she can only reply to by snail mail.

Thank you for giving up your time to read this as Helen would say, “GOD BLESS YOU” & if you can help her or know someone who can that is fantastic. Please tell your friends about this lady, spread the word.

Thank You


 This is me as I am now - Helen Hardin Moore #767263